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Our History

A proud pioneering history since 1916


The Emmerson Family first became associated with Forest Range Station in 1916 when George Bain Henderson purchased the property and settled there with his family until his death in 1966.

Present owner, Russell Emmerson then took over management of his grandfathers property, later purchasing it outright in partnership with his wife Jeanette in 1975. 

Since then the neighbouring properties of Breast Hill and Bargour have also been added due to their similar extensive mountain terrain and fast flowing mountain streams and rivers to Forest Range.

In 1981, Russell and Jeanette were awarded the A.C. Cameron Memorial Award in recognition of the development work undertaken on their properties.

Their family of Catherine, David and Anna are fourth generation on the property and have all played an active role in farming since childhood. David now owns 50% of the property in partnership with his parents, overseeing the day to day operations with his family.