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The Farm

Being situated in the middle of the Lindis Valley with an annual average rainfall of around 660mm and temperatures that range from 35ºC in summer to -20ºC in winter creates a challenging climate.

These extreme conditions are ideally suited to the hardiness of the New Zealand merino whose naturally fine wool enables them to thermo regulate their bodies - the same properties now used by the world's leading merino sportswear manufacturers.

Balanced approach

At Forest Range balance is at the heart of our farming philosophy. As guardians of the land we follow holistic farm management principles and an all-grass system, utilising the high altitude country (2000m above sea level) for summer grazing to compliment and rest the lower country (500m above sea level) for grazing during the cooler months.

The key to this is how we manage and graze our stock - using a principle of eat a 1/3, leave a 1/3 and trample a 1/3.

This balanced approach, combined with stocking rates of only 1-2 SU/ha ensures that we can maintain this natural, pristine environment for generations to come with reduced soil erosion and clean clear waterways.

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