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Annual Ram Sale

In January we offer the opportunity to purchase Forest Range Superior Merino Sires during our Annual on-farm sale. All rams are all raised in natural high country conditions with no artificial feeding and of robust constitution.

These sires represent over 30+ years of selective breeding for structural soundness using BLUP (Best Linear Unbiased Prediction) analysis overseen by geneticists Dorian Garrick and Ric Sherlock.

They are advertised with:

  • EBVs for Micron and Clean Fleece Weight
  • 3 Fleece Test results showing Micron and Yield and CV% of FD as measured by SGS.
  • 2 Fleece Weights from hogget and 2th shearing
  • Parentage information dating back to 1980
  • Veterinary Accredited Brucellosis free flock
  • Unmulesed
  • Foot-rot free
  • Veterinarian tested
  • Shearwell Electronic Eartags plus number branded on horns
  • Forest Range’s unique back up service.

Rams are sold by Helmsman (silent auction) commencing at 1:30pm. Inspection is invited from 12 Midday. Light luncheon and refreshments available at 12pm and post sale.

If you wish to request a catalogue for our 2023 sale then please email us directly through our contact form.