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Lindis Fibre - the world's premium merino fibre

Unique to Forest Range, Lindis Fibre is produced from selectively bred Forest Range ultrafine merinos all naturally raised in our high country environment.

Lindis ultrafine merino

Lindis Fibre offers manufacturers a fully-traceable, sustainable and durable merino fibre to ensure they have a highly-competitive market edge.  

We are able to supply fibre within specific micron parameters to meet manufacturer's individual needs in either greasy, clean or top form.

The use of Lindis Fibre branded merino wool means:

  • Full traceability to single-source
  • Long-standing family history of over 100 years
  • Strong adherence to the highest animal welfare practices
  • High environmental and sustainability values
  • Fernmark Grower and RWS accreditation
  • Computer analysed data and assurance
  • Less variation and lower CVs.

In addition, merino fibre offers:

  • Superior breathability
  • Odour resistance
  • Natural softness
  • Temperature regulation
  • Fire resistance
  • Water resistance
  • Anti-bacterial properties.

If you wish to discuss how Lindis Fibre may assist your business please do not hesitate to contact Russell Emmerson directly on:

Phone: +64 27 445 3671

Email: rsemmerson@xtra.co.nz